Chimney Sweep Services

B Pearce Chimney Sweeps specialise traditional chimney sweeping, diagnosing and solving chimney related issues including the removal of birds / squirrel nests and more problematic blockages.

I do not diversify into building works and repairs and the advantage is that I can give you impartial advice on what works you may wish to instruct with your own builder.

Why Have My Chimney Swept?

The primary reason for getting your chimney swept is to reduce the risk of a chimney fire occurring. Regular sweeping to avoid build up of sooty desposits keeps the flue working efficiently and safely.

Keeping a free flow of air can minimise dampness inside the chimney, which can cause structural damage to the fabric of the building and be detrimental to the health of the occupants.

why have your chimney swept
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When Should I Have My Chimney Cleaned?

Different chimneys require various service intervals. The fuel type will also determine how often your chimney should be maintained to minimise the risk of soot fall and chimney fires. B PEARCE Chimney Sweeps can advise you during their visit on what is best for your particular chimney or appliance.

  • According to BS 6461 – Under no circumstances should a chimney be swept less than once per year.
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