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Bryan Pearce of B PEARCE CHIMNEY SWEEPS is from a long established family of chimney sweeps reputed to have been in the trade for over three hundred years. (See Pearce Family History for more details) Generations worth of knowledge have been passed down through the family and many of my customers tell me that their parents and grand parents always had their chimneys swept by a member of the Pearce family. That does not mean that we are trapped in the past and we have always led or kept up with modern tools and techniques, as well as modern appliances and multi fuel stoves. burners etc.

Specialist super flexible nylon rods have superseded Malacca cane, brush and shovel are now assisted by high efficiency modern vacuum cleaners to remove loose soot quickly and efficiently to keep you chimneys and flues as clean, safe and as efficient as possible. Advice is given freely during my visit on any problems noted and how to keep your chimney working as intended.


• A wealth of experience and knowledge in the trade

• Free quotations

• Quick clean and efficient

• Local service

• Certificates issued on request

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Why get your chimney Swept?

Since the advent of the chimney to take away smoke and the products of combustion, it has been necessary to regularly remove soot and tar, to reduce the risks of a chimney fire and keep the flue working efficiently. A build up of soot can block the flue and cause down draft or failure.

BS 6461- recommends that, under no circumstances, should chimney sweeping be carried out less frequently than once a year.

Where a flue is being taken out of use, either temporarily or permanently, sweeping the flue can reduce the risk of falling debris and assist in keeping it ventilated. A blocked flue can contribute to dampness and associated damage to the fabric of the property.

Bird nests in flues are a common problem which may be resolved by traditional sweeping and//or the use of nest hooks – I offer this service at no extra cost over a normal sweep. Very occasionally, for stubborn blockages, it may be necessary to use alternative methods if this is not successful and you may need to seek assistance from your builder.

For all chimneys, boilers or stoves domestic or industrial give me a call or use the contact email facility provided.

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