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Bryan Pearce is from a family with a long history in the chimney sweeping trade, going back many generations in South East London and Kent, from around the start of the 19th century and prior to that in the West Country. The Pearce family have reputedly been in the trade for over 300 years. We take pride in our work, delivering a fantastic service to all of our customers, which is why we have built up such a great reputation.

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The Rochester Sweeps Festival

The 1st of May was the traditional chimney sweeps holiday when the climbing boys used to parade through the streets playing music and having a party. This became mixed up with traditions concerning the mythical Green Man - still seen today at dawn on 1st May around the country.

Dickens referred to the Sweeps Festival on 1st May in Rochester and this has been revived and held every year. The parade is lead by the sweeps (including Bryan Pearce) and followed by Morris dancers - many with "blacked up faces

The Revival Of The Rochester Sweeps Festival

Since 1980 the city has seen the revival of the historic Rochester Jack-in-the-Green May Day dancing chimney sweeps tradition, which had died out in the early 1900s. Though not unique to Rochester (similar sweeps' gatherings were held across southern England, notably in Bristol, Deptford, Whitstable and Hastings), its revival was directly inspired by Dickens' description of the celebration in Sketches by Boz.

The festival has since grown from a small gathering of local Morris dance sides to one of the largest in the world.[39] The festival begins with the "Awakening of Jack-in-the-Green" ceremony and continues in Rochester High Street over the May Bank Holiday weekend. - Source: WikiPedia

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